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Enlightenment Documentary – About

Enlightenment is an inspirational documentary by Anthony Chene, exploring the deeper questions we have about Reality.

Are we all guided by the same innate seeking of enlightenment? or is enlightenment available only to those who dedicate their lives to it?

Self or self? Reality or illusion?

The documentary features some great interviews with advanced souls looking to elevate the consciousness of Humanity. They are intertwined with beautiful footage of Nature.

The is also a wonderful example of giving modern meaning to ancient wisdom.




– Marc Allen (Founder & CEO of “New World Library”)

– Carlos Casados (Neuro-linguistic programming Expert and hypnotist, co-host of “Authenticity Show”)

– Sarah McLean (Meditation and mindfulness teacher)

– Armando Perez (Coach & Founder of “Selfhelp.la”)

– Dean Radin (Chief scientist at “Noetic Institute”)

– Cynthia Sue Larson (Author, researcher & Speaker)

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