5 Ways To Make 2021 Your Most Fulfilling Year


5 Ways To Make 2021 Your Most Fulfilling Year

2020 was a fascinating year for numerous reasons. 2021 is going to be out of this world. I share 5 simple ways to make this year your most fulfilling yet.

Interact With The World Fearlessly

In a world where most people run, hide and distract themselves with the countless distractions created by society; being a participant with reality gives you the experiences for a meaningful life.

Joseph Campbell called this interaction the Heroes Journey. And similarly, ‘The Personal myth’ if you have studied some of Carl Jung’s work.

Avoiding reality, which is horrifically common, halts this natural process. Ultra-Modernity has put the breaks on this cycle that we have walked for millennia. Look around you; our relationship with nature is dead; mental health issues are the highest they’ve ever been. The majority of people aren’t satisfied with their occupation and yet do it for the addiction of a paycheque. This isn’t natural and is a relatively new phenomenon.

The supreme guru of your life is reality. Interact with her and let her teach you through experience.


Use ‘Via Negativa’

Via Negativa – Addition by Subtraction.

Before you add anything to your life, take anything out that isn’t meaningful.
We think that adding things to our life will make it better when, in most instances, the removal of unnecessary ‘stuff’ will create space for magic.

It’s also interesting to see how much importance we place on things that are not really valuable. It’s freeing to let the attachment go to them.


Find your Values

Your values are what motivate you in life. Often they arise because you perceive something as missing, or lacking. Take money, for example, people who don’t think they have enough value it highly.

Take the time to see what is most meaningful to you and write it down on paper. You don’t necessarily need to put them in order, just get a feeling for what you value most.

An excellent place to start is to see what you surround yourself in your workspace? What books do you buy? What do you think about in your free time? What conversations do you flow into with people?

It may also be worth checking out my dharma realisation article.


Exit the Crowd

The crowd is insane, downright pathological. Trying to fit our authentic inner natures into an insane society will invariably lead to incongruences. And in that aspect, as Gustave Le Bon said, the crowd is the enemy.

Have the courage to crawl out of the crab’s bucket. Most people fear crawling out because the other crabs continually try and pull them back down.

In this way, the average person is not fearful of being average, but afraid of being their best. Take this by the scruff of the neck and step outside of the herd.


Slow Down

The average person hasn’t been quiet for 15 minutes in their whole life. They’re addicted to noise and don’t know that another reality exists. When they do slow down, they often notice how their life is being run on autopilot with neurological patterns that have been put there by society and parents.

During the COVID situation, people have been forced to slow down, and for that reason, mental health problems will skyrocket. This isn’t because they have what we call ‘mental health’, it’s because they’ve never been quiet before and don’t know how to handle it.

Doing some introspection work is probably the most impactful thing you can do for a meaningful life.

‘Be Still, and know that I am God’ – Psalm 46:10



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